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Connectivity partner: Dingus

We are very happy to work with Dingus, one of the best 360 degrees solutions on the market for tourism properties commercialization.

With more than 30 years of experience in the tourism sector, their goals are to accompany the hotels in their marketing strategy via innovation and technology, increasing their sales, providing them easy and fast management and making their sales more profitable.

Dingus has more than 15,500 active connectivities that enable the hotelier to widen their trading capacity via a two way integration with any system, increasing the number of bookings, powering indirect sales and keeping the peace of mind of their clients.

They currently have a portfolio of products that covers commercialization for big properties but also for the smallest ones. Going from direct (B2C) and indirect (B2B) sales strategies improving the management of treasury by meeting the PCI standards.

Some of the benefits of working with them are a wider vision of sales from the rate to the payment, increased security, optimization of the payment processes reducing fraud and more agility.

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