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Connectivity partner: D-EDGE

eDreams ODIGEO Connect works with D-EDGE, the European #1 and world #3 hotel distribution technology provider in hospitality. It combines the technical excellence of Availpro and the digital marketing expertise of Fastbooking, two of the largest independent hotel marketing technology companies.

D-EDGE is guided by a set of 3 core values:

1. They are convinced that ease of use will be the gold standard by which technology companies innovations will be judged in the future.

They make user experience (UX) a fundamental pillar in the development of their solutions to offer their customers the easiest possible experience.

2. As a technology provider, they believe that innovation should simplify the user’s life. And as a B2B company, they believe that their first promise is to provide reliable products. This is why they invest every year more than 6.5M€ in R&D to make sure customers and partners are gaining business efficiency with their solutions. 

3. They are powered by people. You’ll find their support teams in over 100 countries across Europe and Asia. They understand the need for localisation and proximity. All their 12.000 customers are unique: their support team speak 20 languages and their tools are developed in more than 35 languages.

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