Connectivity partner: Reseliva

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Connectivity partner: Reseliva

We recently started working with Reseliva’s Channel Manager, a key player in the Turkish market. Their web-based software enables hoteliers to easily manage all their hotel online sales from a single screen. They will be able to sell their rooms through well-known online travel agencies (including eDreams ODIGEO Connect) without worrying about management problems or overbookings.

Thanks to the benefits that Reseliva offers to hoteliers, they will be able to save time, increase their revenue and avoid overbookings.

Reseliva’s software enables hoteliers to efficiently manage all of their online sales on different channels from a single screen, which eliminates the risk of overbooking and other errors.

This channel manager provides a good return on investment and increases revenue by helping you sell your rooms on more online booking channels, manage your inventory more efficiently, reduce the need for more staff by reducing reservation-related tasks and avoid penalty charges for possible overbookings.

Some of the features that Reseliva offers are an error free synchronization, free integration with all online sales channels, unlimited channel integration, easy availability distribution, smart price management, customisable pricing features, comprehensive hotel reservation management and a fully user-friendly interface.

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