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We've added tips in your calendar (and made other user experience improvements)

As we’re always looking for new ways to improve your experience when using our Extranet, we thought that you might not be familiar with all the acronyms we use in the eDreams ODIGEO Connect’s Extranet, like BW (Booking Window), LOS (Length of Stay), CTA (Closed to Arrivals) or CTD (Closed to Departures).

That’s why we have added useful tooltips that will provide a brief explanation whenever you hover over a button in the Calendar section of the Extranet.

We like to do things well and we didn’t stop there; we’ve also done small tweaks to the design and interface to improve the overall experience. It is now easier for our partners to take advantage of all the available tools to reach new potential guests and sell more hotel rooms.

What are you waiting for? Go to the eDreams ODIGEO Connect’s Extranet and check it out!


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