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Connectivity partner: QuickYield

We are happy to have a partnership with QuickYield, a real-time cloud based Channel Manager that enables hoteliers to manage their online hotel distribution through a simple and easy to use cloud based interface.

It features real-time two-way XML connectivity to the world’s leading OTAs, including eDreams ODIGEO Connect, as well as connectivity with Property Management Systems (PMS) to ensure that everything is kept in sync.

Perfect for revenue managers, their hotel rate shopper allows hoteliers to check their competitors’ rates in real time.

Being an affordable fully functional Channel Manager, QuickYield provides a low cost solution for all property types ranging from hostels, B&Bs, independent hotels to luxury hotel groups. Their system automatically reports the status of all connected distribution channels, so that users don’t have to check if their channels have been updated.

Their real time QuickShopper doesn’t only check competitors, but it also helps users analyse their rates in real time in just a few minutes.

QuickYield has a proven reputation for providing expert technical support, constantly striving to ensure their channel manager meets their user’s specific needs.

They offer a range of tailored packages which includes unlimited number of agents and connections, free support, no contracts – just a low cost flat monthly fee.

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