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Connectivity partner: ErmesHotels

We are happy to have a partnership with ErmesHotels, one of the most advanced Channel Managers on the market.

Its exclusive tools enable hoteliers to set automation, grouping of channels to improve distribution management, automatic nesting and much more.

This Channel Manager for professionals has more than 200 two-way certified channels, including eDreams ODIGEO Connect. It offers a precise, advanced and reliable Channel Manager to over 700 customers.

Being one of the main Channel Managers in Europe, it offers over 200 active two-way XML connections. Reliable and fast, it guarantees instant synchronization as well as a deep integration with GDS systems for the widest possible distribution.

Customer support is one of the characteristic points of their system. Account Managers will always be ready to solve any of the hotelier’s problems.

ErmesHotels includes an advanced and modern reporting section. It allows hotels to analyze data of their property, understand the progress of their pricing strategy and apply the necessary corrections.

ErmesHotels’ Channel Manager offers not only effective time saving thanks to the automatic controls on rates and availability, but also a better use of the channels, which translates into higher turnover.

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