Connectivity partner: RateGain

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Connectivity partner: RateGain

We are happy to work with RateGain’s channel manager, a one stop solution for online distribution providing largest connectivity covering big & long tail channels across the world with end-to-end two way integration with PMS, CRS, RMS, Tour Operators, GDS, Bed Banks, Wholesalers and OTAs (including eDreams ODIGEO Connect).

This channel manager has been connecting demand partners to supply partners for more than a decade now processing billions of ARI updates and millions of reservations. It enables hoteliers to maximize their visibility on global and local OTAs and other channels to ensure they attract travellers no matter where they’re shopping and booking accommodations from.

Today, with more than 125,000 properties on-board and connections to over 1,000 channels including OTAs (like eDreams ODIGEO Connect), GDSs, Tour Operators and TMCs, RateGain is a leader in the hospitality distribution landscape. By delivering over 20 billion transactions each month, DHISCO provides shopping, booking, and content distribution through a newly designed infrastructure, with world-class speed, reliability and scalability.

RateGain is uniquely positioned to partner and grow with hoteliers, regardless of their specific distribution needs. Whether it’s a group of independent hotels, a hotel chain, or a travel distributor and seller, their platform is tailored to connect faster and monitor results in real-time. With integrated channel management, CRS level connectivity (Switch), business intelligence, and content management, their teams work to implement agile and intelligent distribution.

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