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Connectivity partner: Beds24

We are pleased to partner with Beds24, an all-in-one management solution for hotels, B&Bs, holiday homes, vacation rentals, hostels, agencies and professional property managers.

They offer a powerful and flexible cloud software, which can be customised to suit the needs of any accommodation or property manager. 

Their Channel Manager keeps inventory automatically up to date on multiple distribution channels, including eDreams ODIGEO Connect. It also helps increase reservations, avoid double bookings and manage all OTAs using one system. This allows hoteliers to save time, maximise their online distribution and reduce the risk of overbooking.

The Channel Manager sends updates in real time; when a guest makes a booking, the system sends updated availability to all OTAs instantly. Pooled inventory means that every channel has access to all of your rooms or beds. Once a room or bed is booked, your total inventory will decrease to prevent overbookings.

Beds24 also offers a Property Management system, an online booking system and payment processing.

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