The eOC Travel Horoscope 2020

eOC Travel Horoscope Cover

The eOC Travel Horoscope 2020

Have you ever said to someone “Trust the universe”?

This huge, immense space we are still learning to read. Stars are a fascinating part of it, and it is what we want to talk about today.

Yes, because did you know that today is the International Astrology Day?

Every year astrologers and astrology enthusiasts around the world celebrate this event. It’s the first full day of the astrological sign of Aries, which marks the beginning of the tropical zodiac.

Astrology is the belief that the alignment of stars and planets affects individuals’ mood, character, and environment, depending on when they were born.

People rely on astrology for a lot of different reasons: It helps capture not only personality traits but also relationship patterns, life’s challenges and opportunities offering people guidance through their lives and a better understanding of the world around them. The zodiac symbols give people a fascinating and comforting magic to hold onto. Indeed, people look into astrology for information and reassurance about the future, relieving them from their current situation and future decisions.

In this period of uncertainty and anxiety, we’ve also decided to focus on positive future experiences. To reduce stress, what better experience than going on holidays? Even better, we accompany you as a hotelier to discover travellers who will enjoy package holidays – and why not, we encourage you to enjoy a great one yourself. In fact, we suggest you to loosen up and rely on the stars for a minute to decide on your next package holiday thanks to our very own eDreams ODIGEO Connect’s Travel Horoscope!

Come on this journey with us and you’ll discover what the stars have chosen for you:

·       The destination: Paris, Lisbon, New York or which one?

·       The type of holiday: Discovering a city’s culture, going on an adventure or enjoying shopping?

·       The accommodation: Will you stay in a lovely B&B, a hotel or – why not – a guesthouse?

·       Last but absolutely not least, the zodiac sign of your next travel partner to enjoy a perfect package holiday!

Are you ready to discover your next package holiday travellers and to enjoy one yourself?


Let us know if the selection of the stars is correct and send us pictures of your amazing trips and travellers!

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