COVID-19: Hotelier reactivation guide

Coronavirus 2019

COVID-19: Reactivation guide

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The world is finally getting out of this hard pandemic period. As hotels are reopening their doors to guests, we would like to offer our partners some tips and insights to prepare for the reactivation of the demand.

While the first part of 2021 has been showing slow recovery, the decrease of COVID-19 cases in major destinations, the acceleration in vaccinations, and reduction in restrictions from local governments offers a positive forecast for the Summer. The worldwide air seats capacity recovery is happening right now!

Air seats

Now it’s time to reConnect, so follow these recommendations to make sure your property is ready and has more chances to be booked:

1. Check your availability and rates.
Click here and make sure that your property is available and that you offer all your inventory for eDreams ODIGEO Connect. Don’t forget to include your best rates as well, so that guests choose you when booking their flight+hotel packages.

2. Remember: Safety first.
Make sure your guests feel safe and let them know that you are implementing the correct measures to ensure the health and safety of guests and employees. You can review our safety measures for hotels.

3. Prepare to receive domestic, continental and intercontinental guests.
A lot has been said about the increase of local demand. There’s no doubt that some travellers still feel uncertain to travel to international destinations, so they prefer the familiarity and confidence of staying within their country. But our data shows that there is also an important increase in demand for continental flights.

Be prepared to attract and host guests from all around the world and make sure you offer them a great experience. eDreams ODIGEO Connect can help you attract both international travellers and loyal domestic guests thanks to the Prime program.

Click here to learn more about our Prime program and how it can benefit hoteliers.

4. Be flexible.
Our data shows that some guests are looking for flexibility when booking their vacations in the midst of the remaining uncertainty regarding restrictions and health risks, while others are looking for great deals to save. It’s time to load all your rates and win. The more options, the more customers!
Contact us and we will be happy to help you adapt to your potential guests’ new needs and profile.

5. Offer promotions and discounts.
Travellers are now more price-conscious than before the pandemic. Setting up promotions in your Extranet can help you target specific guests with attractive rates to increase your bookings.

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