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Connectivity partner: Hotetec

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Hotetec, a specialist in the design and development of solutions for the online distribution and sale of hotel establishments.

Hotetec disposes of one of the most powerful and flexible Booking Engines in the market, and an advanced Channel Manager, which in addition to facilitating the hotelier’s daily operations, is based on the company’s philosophy of balanced distribution, integrating online and traditional channels.

It enables to integrate and connect hotels with the distribution channels that move the most volume of reservations, including eDreams ODIGEO Connect, in order to optimise the hotel’s online visibility and bring more customers, all from a single platform.

Hotetec solves the need to implement resources, equipment and business structure to face the challenge of repositioning hotels in the complex distribution environment.

Some of the great benefits that this tool offers to hotels working with them:

  • Increase and optimise hotels online visibility to get more bookings
  • Define hotels products according to their needs
  • Minimise rate disparity and availability among the different distribution channels
  • It best suits to the needs of hotels and makes the product loading easier
  • Real time management and control of reservations, rates and inventory
  • Integration of the Hotetec rates and bookings system with hotels’ PMS

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