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Connectivity partner: Elektraweb

We are very happy to announce our new partnership with Elektraweb, one of the most comprehensive cloud-based hotel management solutions on the market.

The Elektra Hotel Management System consists of 28 separate modules which can be integrated to all departments regardless of type and size of the properties. With over 4000 facilities which started using it in 2020, Elektraweb has become the most popular hotel automation program in Turkey and the leader in its respective market.

Elektraweb’s software provides an integrated Channel Manager which enables hotels to connect to the main distribution channels such as eDreams ODIGEO Connect, send availability and price information, and receive reservations in an easier and more effective way. It works indeed bilaterally, meaning that while it sends pricing and availability, it also automatically receives incoming reservations.

Another great benefit that this tool offers to hotels working with them is flexibility. In fact, this Channel Manager best suits the needs of properties, allowing them to adapt their availability, promotions, and prices according to the different distribution channels.

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