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In this page you will find the answers to the questions we get asked the most about eDreams ODIGEO Connect. If you cannot find the answer you were looking for, please contact us.

Signing up is fast, easy and free! All you have to do to start with us is to give us your property’s information.

1. After validating your email address, you’ll receive a welcome email with the next steps to access our Extranet. 

2. Once logged in, you will need to provide your rates, availability, photos and amenities.

3. If everything is fine, your property will be visible on all of our brands (eDreams, Opodo, Go Voyages, Travellink and Liligo) and you will start receiving bookings from millions of air travellers.

To sign up, we will need your contact information and some basic property information.

Later, in order to list your property, we will need:

Tax registration number, key contacts for reservation notifications, guests’ restrictions, cancellation policies, check-in and check-out times, your amenities, room types and prices, as well as photos.

Reach high quality international travellers

Your property will be offered to millions of international travellers on all of our brands. You will be able to reach high-value package travellers who tend to stay longer and don’t cancel.

Sell your property in a fenced environment

Influence travellers with fenced rates and forget about price disparities.

Gain insights to forecast your demand

Our Extranet is not only a very helpful tool to manage your availability, rate plans and rooms; It is also full of data and insights from eDreams ODIGEO, the #1 flights OTA in Europe that will help you maximize your revenue and improve your performance.

Yes, you can work with as many OTAs as you like. The more the merrier! There’s no conflict of interest and we can help you reach international flight travellers who never cancel and stay longer. Influence them with opaque rates in an earlier stage of their purchase journey and improve your revenue.

It refers to accommodation bookings made by customers bundling with a travel product such as a car-hire and/or airfare and/or rail ticket or by customers belonging to a closed user group.

We don’t work according to a commission model. Instead, we ask you to offer a discount to our travellers through a fenced rate. This way, you are free to adjust your pricing strategy.

We will only sell your rooms in a fenced environment bundling with a travel product such as a car-hire and/or airfare and/or rail ticket or by customers belonging to a closed user group.

Every reservation has a unique and secured Virtual Credit Card (VCC) that you should use to charge only your hotel room rate of that specific reservation.
You can find the VCC by accessing the reservation through the “Reservation List” on our Extranet. Also, all credit cards are communicated to your connectivity provider in the guarantee field of the reservation.
Please remember that the card is only available for the room rate as you have communicated to us; any additional fee or tax should be charged directly to your guest.

Every time your property gets booked, we will notify you to the email that you registered. This email will contain all the relevant information about your guests.

Not at all! Although it’s a convenient tool to save you time and avoid overbookings, you can update and manage your property’s information directly from our Extranet.

We work with a wide range of connectivity providers. Check our list and see if we are already working with your Channel Manager, PMS, CRS or Hub. If we’re not, contact us so we can start working with your provider.

No, you don’t. Once you have signed up with eDreams ODIGEO Connect, your property will start selling on all the eDreams ODIGEO group websites (eDreams, Opodo, Go Voyages, Travellink and Liligo) in all its 46 countries.

We work with all types and sizes of properties, from apartments and small hotels, to big chains.

eDreams ODIGEO is the #1 flight OTA in Europe, but our customers fly all around the world, and book hotels in each and every country. Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered.

Flight travellers almost never cancel their bookings. The cancellation rate is less than 4%! Just one of the unique benefits of working with us.

Of course not! You can stop or pause our collaboration at any moment. No penalties or commitment of any kind.

You cannot contact customers directly, but you are free to offer them any extra features in person once they arrive to your property.

Please do! By offering a promotion to your potential guests, you increase the chances of getting more bookings. You decide the discount, booking window and length of stay. Also, you can target the promotion by market or set specific rate plans, booking dates or stay dates.

All of them. You can list all your rates in our Extranet.

Packages have an average booking window of 10+ days. Also, with a cancellation rate of less than 4%, you will be able to forecast your demand, plan your resources and have more control over your revenue management. Just another benefit of packaging with us.

Once you send us your information, we will review it and contact you.

When your listing is complete, your property will go live in our system and it will start being distributed to millions of flight travellers around the world.

OTAs can help you attract high quality guests that would otherwise be hard and expensive to reach. eDreams ODIGEO Connect offers your property to travellers at the right moment, exactly when they are buying their flight.

Phishing is a fraudulent online practice,  which sees the attackers sending fake messages (e.g. emails) to try to steal data or money. In the hospitality industry, targeted information is credit card information, customers’ data contained in Extranets or personal employees’ information. Often the email message asks you to click on a link and – once you do – nothing apparently happens. Like that though, you are giving access to your data to the attackers.

To understand you’re being attacked or that an email you received is not legit but actually phishing, pay attention to the following:

  • Messages in phishing emails are usually very direct and demanding (e.g. Your account will be locked)
  • Check the sender email! Sometimes you might see an email coming from eDreams ODIGEO Connect but the email between the brackets () is odd. If the email address doesn’t look like one of the usual ones we send you emails from, get suspicious even if the display name is correct. Our used email domains are the following:  @e.odigeo.com, @edreamsodigeo.com, @odigeoconnect.com and @engrande.com. Be careful of similar ones as well (e.g. @odigeoconnects.com).
  • Double check all the links the email requires you to click on. If you hover on the link with your mouse without clicking, you can check if the actual link is different than the one written in the email. If so, don’t click!
  • Check the email grammar. Phishing emails are usually full of typos and grammar mistakes.
  • If you end up clicking on the link in the email, and you are redirected to a website, check the URL (link in the browser bar) and if you notice any anomalies. Our Extranet link is extranet.odigeoconnect.com and you should always see a lock before it that attests you are browsing in a secure area. To be on the safe side, reset your Extranet password and inform us of what happened.

If you’re unsure about the validity of an email, ask us. Better being one the safe side. In general, we invite you to always report suspicious cases to us.