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Summer 2023 is approaching, and travellers are ready for a season of exploration and relaxation. To help make this season a memorable one for you and deliver the best possible experience to your guests, we have packed our latest insights about eDreams ODIGEO customers’ booking behaviour for summer 2023. The data sheds light on bookings trends made all over the world on our platform with check-in dates May - September 2023.
Hoteliers, are you ready to make the most of this season?
1. Booking devices

1. 50% of travellers rely on mobile devices

Reliance on mobile devices for travellers is growing, both when thinking ahead to future trips and booking spontaneously. According to bookings made with check-in dates in the summer season, on average 50% of reservations on our platform are made by mobile devices, via app (33%) and web-mobile (17%). With eDreams ODIGEO Connect attracting on-the-go travellers is easier than ever. On our Extranet you will be able to further segment your audience and differentiate your strategy by activating a promotion only for mobile and app users. Feel like creating one? Try it out now accessing the Extranet!

Graphic with booking device data
2. Length of stay

2. 69% of travellers book for 3-5 night stays

For this summer, on average 69% of eDreams ODIGEO guests are booking for 3 to 5 nights stays, 30% for 6 to 15 and only 1% for 16 to 30. To have more control over your reservations and prevent travellers from booking a stay that is shorter or longer than you would like, you can set up a length of stay (LOS) restriction on our Extranet.
By offering the possibility of both shorter (3-5 nights) and longer stays (6+ nights), you provide more flexibility and appeal to a wider range of guests. This can improve your chances of securing bookings and boost your occupancy rates. Check your LOS restrictions and attract more summer travellers!

Graphic about length of stay data
Trend 3

3. 62% of bookings are from couples

According to our data, 62% of bookings for summer 2023 are from couples (2 guests), followed by 17% from 4+, 12% from 3 and 9% from 1 guest. Although 2 guests are leading in bookings, we are also seeing an increasing percentage of reservations from 4+ people, which have doubled compared to the same period last year. Remember that you can attract different types of guests, such as solo travellers, couples or groups, by setting up pricing per guest. Customise your pricing strategy and adapt it to different types of occupancies.

Graph with number of guests data
Trend 4

4. 90% of guests book 1 room

For summer 2023 on average 90% of our guests are booking 1 room, 8% 2 rooms and only 2% 3 rooms. We all know how important it is to know the number of rooms forecast to optimise your room inventory, pricing, and staffing levels to meet the expected demand. In addition, emphasising your accommodation’s unique features can help you attract different traveller types and set your property apart from others in the area. Make your properties more appealing to key guests!

Graph with number of guests data