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Being sustainable is not only the right thing to do, it's also what many guests are looking for nowadays when choosing a hotel to stay at. As a hotelier, you don't even need to perform huge changes to make a difference; there are many small actions that you can take to be more sustainable and take care of the earth as well as of your guests.
Follow our tips to go green and do your bit to contribute to preserve the environment.
Tip 1

Tip #1: Start from the basics

It doesn't take a degree to be a bit more environmentally aware. If you're new to the "green world", the best strategy is always to start from the basics: For example, you can replace your light bulbs with LED ones that consume less energy. Another easy action is to reduce water consumption by adding filters that mix air and water to your taps. Also, why not spreading awareness among your guests as well by placing a message close to towels encouraging them not to leave them on the floor? This way, you can avoid changing them everyday for the same guests. Bonus point: It's time you start looking into metal straws.

Start from the basics
Tip 2

Tip #2: Swap paper with digital

Talking about sustainability, the best use of technology you can make is to reduce paper consumption. For example, how much do you waste to produce your menus? You won't need to waste sheets and sheets of paper anymore if you make sure you include the menus in your hotel app; you can also incorporate Virtual Reality for guests to experience your food before ordering it. The same logic can be applied to the room key: If you use their phone as a key, there's no need for your guests to carry heavy keys around anymore (and for you to replace them when one gets lost).

Swap paper with digital
Tip 3

Tip #3: Local food is good

Do you know what guests appreciate a lot? Local experiences.
One of the biggest parts of travelling is discovering and enjoying the food of the place you visit. Try to use only seasonal products so that you can vary your menu offer and prefer local ones to have your food travel less to get to your kitchen.
Golden rule: Try not to waste food. Look for companies that collect it at the end of the day to distribute it to charities or local communities.

Local food is good
Tip 4

Tip #4: Clean green

Using eco-friendly cleaning products is definitely one more action that can help the environment and your property to enter the "green chart". You would gain points for it as it would be better for your employees who use them everyday and you surely want to protect their health, and it would also be better for guests who sleep in your beds and use your facilities. Nobody likes the obvious smell of chemicals in the room but rather the perfume of a clean place.

Clean green
Tip 5

Tip #5: Recycling tribe

Join the recycling tribe by paying attention to some little details that make the difference. How about reusing plastic? Refill your bathroom products bottles instead of throwing them away. You can also reuse soaps and avoid changing them everyday for the same guests. With the correct dedication, you can recycle all materials and educate your guests to do the same with nice visuals around your property or - even better - directly in your hotel app. Bonus tip: Install nice water dispensers with filtered water instead of bottled water. You will reduce the plastic and water consumption and you can even brand the dispensers!

Recycling tribe
Tip 6

Tip #6: Green inside and out

Going green means changing mindset. To be coherent with your message, your property and its services need to adapt to the sustainability cause. A nice visual idea can be to make your property look a little greener by installing vertical plants on an entire wall or a green roof. Investing deeper, solar panels are a great way to convert already existing energy into energy to fuel your property. Helping your guests going green, instead, means to sponsor nature immersed activities that promote a bond with the environment. Also, inviting guests to move around with no environmental impact by offering a bike hire service is a good incentive to promote a sustainable image.

Green inside and out