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Interior design plays a very important role in the hotel industry. Not only because it tells a story about your brand and your property's identity, but also because it can arise powerful emotions in your guests. Your property's design will make a first impression that can greatly influence the whole experience. Read our tips for achieving a breathtaking hotel design.
Tip 1

Tip #1: Be local

Guests want to live the local experience. It is a good idea to give them this feeling in your rooms, too.
Ideally, the outside of your building should blend with the surroundings.
For the inside, try to use art and objects from local artists or craftmen, so that guests will better dive into and understand the traditions of your destination!

Be local
Tip 2

Tip #2: Think green

It is not only a trend, it is something we should all commit to. Sustainability needs to be a part of your design thinking!
You can make your property eco-friendly by using glassware cups instead of plastic ones for example, or you could use energy-saving bulbs for your lamps.
Little details for a big difference!

Think green
Tip 3

Tip #3: Unique stays are the best stays

How can you personalize to the maximum level?
By making every room a different experience for your guests.
You can easily assign a theme to each of your hotel rooms so that guests surely won't forget their stay.
Make sure they all have a unique decor, name and atmosphere, and your guests will feel, see and touch the place and the experience you want them to live.

Unique stays are the best stays
Tip 4

Tip #4: Design is your spokesperson

Guests should feel the soul of your brand by only stepping in your property.
Make them feel the essence of your hotel using design to your advantage.
The question "What's the essence of this property?" should be clearly answered in their mind while looking at the style that surrounds them.
After all, this will be their first physical experience of your brand.

Design is your spokesperson
Tip 5

Tip #5: Let there be the light!

Light is very important for hotel spaces. It creates the atmosphere, you decide which one: According to your hotel essence, you can create different moods for your guests, which is why lighting needs to be in line with the environment.
When imagining the spaces, try to find the balance between decoration and functionality.
As a bonus point: think green and use LED lights!

Let there be light
Tip 6

Tip #6: Design with tech

Technology is trending in hospitality and, while we are big fans of the human touch, using it in a smart way can certainly provide benefits to your business.
Especially for meeting rooms, wireless devices give a much cleaner look to the spaces and are more functional.
At the reception, you can also make use of digital screens to display activities around your area, the weather forecasts or even your restaurant menu.

Design with tech
Tip 7

Tip #7: A lobby for all

The old concept that a lobby is only a space for check-ins and check-outs is gone.
Lobbies are more and more seen as open spaces where guests can interact and colleagues collaborate.
Having no physical barriers and comfortable areas will contribute to make your guests feel included in the overall hotel experience.
To appeal to all types of customers, you can also play with little more intimate areas that ensure privacy for business meetings, for example.

A lobby for all