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Your pictures can make a difference to convince your potential guests that you are their best option. We have gathered pro tips to help you make sure that the pictures that you have in eOC are helping you sell your property.
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Photo tip #1: Details are what make things real

Make sure your photos show tidy rooms. You don't want to portrait a messy place with an unmade bed and towels around the room...

Another detail to keep in mind is the light (better said than done!). Light is key to photos.

Create the right atmosphere by taking shots during the day, with natural light, but keep the artificial lights on to give a cozy feeling to the environment.

Tidy up
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Photo tip #2: Show all your property's features, including food!

Travellers want to see where they sleep, but they also want to see what they eat.
Food is a paramount element of the hotel experience, therefore you'd better make those dishes appealing.

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Photo tip #3: Make your hotel desirable

Photos need to tell a story and raise feelings in travellers' minds.
Travellers are influenced by emotions during their shopping process. They are looking to get away from their routine and your pictures are THE way to tell them "This property is exactly where you want to be spending your vacation".

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Photo tip #4: Don't fall into the trap of keeping the same old photobook. Travellers will notice.

Everything changes, and everything grows old; pictures do, too. As your property renovates (as it should!), make sure its digital identity changes with it.
If your guests see those black sofas in your lobby picture, they will expect them as they walk in.
Also, make sure you include about 20 photos, and that they change according to the season to captivate travellers all year round.

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Photo tip #5: Keep it personal and show your team's faces (and smiles!)

Travellers like to see the people behind the brand to get the human touch of it.

They are a very important part of the overall experience. After all, it's all about people!

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Photo tip #6: Make your hotel shareable on Social Media.

Travellers are always on the look for the perfect shot.
You can take advantage of the great potential user generated content brings to you and turn your guests into your favourite photographers!
This gives you the chance of having your property promoted to other potential guests with less effort from your side.

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Photo tip #7: Avoid using stock photos or fake ones: Keep your Photoshop skills under control for this kind of pictures.

Guests won't like having their expectations unmet. Don't show them an amazing lobby bar to then destroy their cocktail tasting dreams when they realize it is not as it looked like in the picture.
Just be honest about your offering and guests won't feel betrayed during their stay. Truth always pays back!

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