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Social Media are nowadays a virtual living room where many conversations about brands are happening. You need to make sure that your property joins the conversation and that it's saying what you want it to. Follow our Social Media tips for hoteliers and find out the best ways to showcase your property and use Social Media to listen to your guests and get closer to them.
Tip 1

Tip #1: Be Instagram-proof

Does your property have a great pool? Or a charming restaurant? Or, why not, do you have a beautiful tree in the lobby area? Whatever your "special" feature is, make it Social Media proof, especially Instagram-proof. Alongside with Pinterest, Instagram is the social media channel where people go to when they want to feel inspired. It's all about pictures and your ability in choosing the most good looking angle. Have a look at big hotels profiles if you don't feel creative and get inspired for your own Instagram profile.

Be Instagram-proof
Tip 2

Tip #2: Get closer to guests

Being present on Social Media for your property can represent a great opportunity to be closer to your guests. You speak their language, in the platforms they use mainly in their free time, which means you reach them when they are in a "leisure" mood. This is why your profile on Social Media should be inspirational, full of reasons on why travellers should choose to stay at your property. Your profile is the virtual representation of your property, it is meant to spark their interest and show your soul. Make sure you differentiate the kind of content you post: Show your spaces, your activities and your staff.

Get closer to guests
Tip 3

Tip #3: Listen to social media

Did you know that people using social media are around 3 billions? Nowadays social media represent the virtual living rooms where people say what they think about anything, brands included. Listen to them, or better, read. Check what is going on among your target audience and understand how you can act upon their needs. Find out what do they want when travelling, how do they look for information, and this will unlock you the gates to your perfect guests.

Listen to social media
Tip 4

Tip #4: Use social media campaigns

It's paramount for you as a hotelier to address your niche, to find your target audience. You need to talk only to your preferred potential customers to avoid noise. Social media offer valuable tools to target specific people according to what your needs are in terms of promotion. Run paid campaigns on Facebook or Instagram, which are the most inspirational channels for travellers, or choose the correct one by understanding which channels work best for your type of customer.

Use social media campaigns
Tip 5

Tip #5: Don't ignore your guests

Answer to their comments, create the engagement, don't leave the posts sterile or their questions and comments unanswered. This can be a negative sign for new users who check your social profiles; they will feel positive if - instead - you often interact with your visitors. To ensure you make this happen, check your notifications regularly. Even if some guests are complaining under one of your posts, you have the power to twist the situation and make it positive for your brand image. It helps you improve the online reputation of your hotel.

Don't ignore your guests
Tip 6

Tip #6: Quality matters

Especially on visual platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, the quality of the pictures you post matters. A lot. Travellers want to feel inspired and curious to find out more about your property. Make sure you carefully select your pictures and that they depict the soul of your brand at its best. If the content you provide is not proper, you risk potential guests will just ignore your whole profile.

Quality matters