Report: Top 8 travel trends for 2023

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Travel reactivated during 2022 and, despite the global economic and political uncertainty, it looks likely it will continue to grow. Looking ahead, 2023 will be an important year for our industry. Travellers are set on going off course for all-new experiences, discovering new ways to travel and diving into different languages and cultures.
Hoteliers, are you ready to find out what 2023 has in store for you? Read on and be inspired by the travel trends we expect to see ruling in 2023!
Trend 1

1. Set-jetting

In 2023 movies and TV shows will be the top sources of travel inspiration and will influence travellers' choice of holiday more than ever. Whether it’s the wide landscapes of New Zealand in The Rings of Power, the stunning views of Sicily in The White Lotus 2, the romantic vision of fashionable, urban city life in Emily in Paris, or the history and tradition of the United Kingdom, as spotted in The Crown and Bridgerton, the settings put cities on the tourist map, and extend tourism beyond traditional sun destinations. Hoteliers based in filming locations worldwide, get ready to open your doors to binge watchers and TV show lovers!

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Trend 2

2. Sporty travellers

The tight sporting calendar this year is the perfect recipe for further growth to key destinations, such as Istanbul and Paris. According to eDreams ODIGEO, the #1 Online Travel Agency in Europe, sporting highlights will include the UEFA Champions League final in Istanbul’s Atatürk Olympic Stadium on 10 June 2023. Global searches for travel to Istanbul between 8-12 June 2023 versus the same dates in 2022 are already up by 307%. In Paris, Roland Garros takes place every year, but the 2023 tennis tournament appears already to be driving interest, with global searches to travel to Paris between 26 May and 12 June2023 versus the same dates in 2022 up by 85%. Is your property ready to welcome sport enthusiasts?

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Trend 3

3. Culture & entertainment tourism

On a more historic and cultural note, the Coronation of Charles III in London will take place on 6 May 2023 and global searches to travel to London between 4 and 8 May 2023 are already showing an increase of 143% against the same dates in 2022. The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will be held in Liverpool on 13 May 2023 and eDreams ODIGEO already sees a 569% increase in global searches to travel to Liverpool between 11 and 15 May 2023 versus the same dates in 2022. At eOC, we know how important it is for hoteliers to understand the guests’ behaviour. Our partners are able to get insights that your property can benefit from.

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Trend 4

4. Wellness and spiritual retreats

In 2023 many travellers want to use their adventures to treat their minds, bodies and souls. This means an increase in the popularity of yoga and prayer retreats, meditation and mindfulness programs and holistic wellness experiences. That’s why solo travel is a growing market, and the number of solo travellers reserving trips for 2023 is increasing compared to 2019. Properties offering meditation, yoga or just the promise of simplicity, get ready to tackle this trend!

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Trend 5

5. Virtual voyagers

Travellers will use virtual reality to inspire their vacation choices in 2023. The metaverse will have the power to educate and entertain, offering guests a glance of what they can expect to experience. That’s why it represents a huge opportunity in the hospitality industry. Travellers could virtually explore your property’s rooms, facilities and amenities listed in your profile. It’s like a free trial to push potential guests to book with you. Don’t miss this chance out and update your property’s amenities!

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Trend 6

6. Back to basics

After various lockdowns travellers became more dependent on technology for entertainment. However, now that most restrictions have been removed, they wish to disconnect and spend their vacations off the beaten track, experiencing a more back-to-basics feel. They are looking for more simplicity and eco-friendly stays, connecting with nature, as well as accommodations offering guidance for guests on how to be more self-sufficient during their vacations. Hoteliers based on off the grid destinations, be prepared to receive these key travellers!

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Trend 7

7. Embracing the unknown

In 2023 travellers are ready to take a plunge into other cultures and new experiences. They will be searching for unique vacations that surprise and delight. They will look forward to experiencing ‘out of comfort zone’ travel, exploring unassuming locales, unfamiliar places and lesser-known cities, travelling somewhere with a completely different cultural background and languages or even tasting exotic delicacies. Hoteliers based in hidden gems, get ready to open doors to adventure lovers!

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Trend 8

8. Budget conscious travellers

Due to the global economic uncertainty, travellers became more budget-conscious when planning a trip. However, investing in a vacation still remains a top priority for tourists in 2023. People will look for the best deals, smartly-planned travel, booking early and prioritising value for money with discounts and loyalty programs. Some travellers will also consider off-season destinations and opt for one or two longer vacations instead of several short breaks. With eDreams ODIGEO Connect attracting potential guests with promotions is easier than ever. On our Extranet you will be able to add your preferred discount, as well as booking window and length of stay restrictions. Feel like creating one? Try it out now accessing the Extranet!

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