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It's a mobile world. Year after year, more potential guests visit your website using a mobile device to look for information and get a peek at your property's features and amenities. They are usually on the go, so it's crucial to understand them and present your content in the easiest and cleanest way possible. Read our website tips and discover new ways to attract guests.
Tip 1

Tip #1: Mobile first

You need to make sure your website is accessible from any device, and that it's responsive. You don't want to miss that booking because your button doesn't fit the size of a smartphone. A smooth mobile user experience is key to your business nowadays.

Be local
Tip 2

Tip #2: Less is more

Users feel undecided if they are overwhelmed with choices. It is the theory of too much information: It doesn't help them in their decisional process. Also, crowded websites are so 80s. Choose what you want to display first and show it in the easiest and cleanest way possible.

Think green
Tip 3

Tip #3: Pick your target

You need to understand who your customers are before you start talking to them. Customizing your website according to your brand personas is necessary to achieve a successful strategy.

Unique stays are the best stays
Tip 4

Tip #4: Your website is a storyteller

Our actions and choices are driven by emotions. We love to hear stories, from websites, too. Use sensory rich language in your site to captivate your users and convince them with your story. Impressive leading images also play a key role in this: Choose a picture that speaks to your target audience.

Design is your spokesperson
Tip 5

Tip #5: Customize for your audience

Your guests are international and come from all over the world. Think of them! For example, do you speak their language? Do you allow them to book in their own currency? It's important that your webiste is customized to all your potential targets. Have a look at your data to understand where do your guests come from and use of professional translators to have your content localized.

Customize for your audience
Tip 6

Tip #6: Let travellers find you

All of us want to be on Google's 1st page, don't we? We want to be found. How can hoteliers improve their property's website ranking and be found? Dynamic content is the answer. Having a blog, which is linked to your website, and that is focused on quality content is a weapon to use: You will help your customers in finding useful and updated information.

Let travellers find you
Tip 7

Tip #7: Message in a chatbot

Having a chatbot integrated to your website can save you time and money, as you won't need to deal with the customers enquiries and at the same time deal with guests who are there in front of you. Also, some guests really don't want to call you over the phone but prefer more direct interaction. Chatbots would be a great way to make sure you capture this kind of customers.

Message in a chatbot