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Now it’s time to reConnect
It’s time to reConnect! We have launched our reConnect program, a series of initiatives to help hoteliers reConnect with potential guests and maximize their revenue potential. Now that demand is picking up and Summer is coming, it’s more important than ever to remain strongly interconnected, with tourism recovery relying on all of us. It’s time […]
COVID-19: Hotelier reactivation guide
COVID-19: Reactivation guide The world is finally getting out of this hard pandemic period. As hotels are reopening their doors to guests, we would like to offer our partners some tips and insights to prepare for the reactivation of the demand. While the first part of 2021 has been showing slow recovery, the decrease of […]
eDreams ODIGEO expands Prime subscription programme to include flight+hotel packages
eDreams ODIGEO expands Prime subscription programme to include flight+hotel packages eDreams ODIGEO, Europe’s largest online travel company, has expanded Prime, its innovative subscription service, in a bid to make travel more flexible and convenient. Prime is a community of travelers available across eDreams, Opodo and GO Voyages and has over 1 million subscribers who get […]
The new Support Area is here
The new Support Area is here We’ve got exciting news for you: Our brand new eDreams ODIGEO Connect Support Area is here and it will be your way of contacting us in case you need support about eDreams ODIGEO Connect. Being able to help our customers is our outmost priority. In order to do so, […]
Check your availability at a glance
Check your availability at a glance with the new Extranet calendar Have you noticed that our calendar got a makeover? You now have a faster and easy way to check your calendar at a glance. The new layout allows you to quickly understand the status of your availability for each day of the year: If […]
Connectivity partner: Amadeus Hospitality
We are pleased to work with Amadeus Hospitality, a technology innovator that connects the entire travel ecosystem at every stage of the journey.
COVID-19 safety measures for hotels
Let’s have a look at some of the measures you as a hotelier should take in your property and make sure you clearly communicate it on your website, through social media or emails directed at your guests.
Connectivity partner: eZee
We are very happy to partner with eZee Centrix, a Channel Manager that helps hotels to easily manage property rates and inventory.
Connectivity partner: Octorate
We are very happy to work with Octorate, a channel manager that enables hoteliers to manage every online distribution channel with just one click.
The eOC Travel Horoscope 2020
The eOC Travel Horoscope 2020 Have you ever said to someone “Trust the universe”? This huge, immense space we are still learning to read. Stars are a fascinating part of it, and it is what we want to talk about today. Yes, because did you know that today is the International Astrology Day? Every year […]
Connectivity partner: Beds24
We are pleased to partner with Beds24, an all-in-one management solution for hotels, B&Bs, holiday homes, vacation rentals, hostels, and agencies.
Connectivity partner: Figaro
We are happy to work with Figaro, a complete product to promote online sales and a key Channel Manager for the Italian market.
Connectivity partner: Cubilis
We are pleased to work with Cubilis Channel Manager, a cloud-based hotel software (SaaS) made by and for owners of hotels, B&Bs and vacation rentals.
Coronavirus and hotels: Tips for hoteliers
COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, is causing not little troubles to the hospitality sector. Many countries have set restrictions on travel stopping flights and reinforcing borders control, therefore the impact on the people who work in the industry is not soft and hotel cancellations are happening. We should not let fear take over though, but react at the best that we can.
Connectivity partner: RateGain
We are happy to work with RateGain's channel manager, a one stop solution for online distribution covering big & long tail channels across the world.
Connectivity partner: ErmesHotels
We are happy to have a partnership with ErmesHotels, one of the most advanced Channel Managers on the market and key to the Italian market.
Connectivity partner: QuickYield
We are happy to work with QuickYield, a real-time cloud based Channel Manager that enables hoteliers to manage all their online hotel distribution
Connectivity partner: CultSwitch
CultSwitch offers innovative, high-quality solutions and services that enable hotels to easily distribute their offers worldwide and in real-time via all relevant online travel agencies.
eDreams ODIGEO Connect at ITB Berlin 2020
eDreams ODIGEO Connect will meet virtually with ITB 2020 customers to discuss new ways to boost their bookings and improve their hotel's revenue
Connectivity partner: TravelClick
We are proud to be working with TravelClick, a trusted hotel partner with more than three decades of industry experience. 
The Extranet speaks 2 more languages!
We are proud to announce that – on top of the 6 we already had – 2 new languages are now available in our Extranet: Turkish and Catalan.
Connectivity partner: Rate Tiger
We work with Rate Tiger, one of the most stable hotel Channel Managers in the market.
We were at FITUR in Madrid
We had the chance to meet hoteliers at FITUR 2020, talking about the benefits of packaging with us.
Connectivity partner: Siteminder
We are happy to work with Siteminder, the #1 Channel Manager according to hoteliers. Siteminder‘s smart and simple solutions are used by more than 35000 hoteliers worldwide.
We’ve added tooltips in your calendar
We have added useful tooltips that will provide a brief explanation whenever you hover over a button in the Calendar section of the Extranet.
Connectivity partner: Reseliva
We are happy to work with Reseliva's Channel Manager, key player that allows hoteliers in the Turkish market to easily manage their hotel online sales.
Connectivity partner: STAAH
We are happy to work with STAAH, provider of industry-leading technology solutions for hospitality distribution, bookings and digital marketing services.
Property Overview
On the Extranet, you can now see your property’s main information at a glance in the “Dashboard” section.
Connectivity partner: D-Edge
eDreams ODIGEO Connect works with D-EDGE, the European #1 and world #3 hotel distribution technology provider in hospitality.
Promotions for mobile only
Now you can segment your promotions only for mobile users. Target your audience to users on the go and reach new potential guests.
New channel manager: Hotel Availabilities
We are excited to announce our new partnership with one more connectivity provider, Hotel Availabiltities Limited.
New Analytics section
Coming soon: The new analytics section will give you valuable insights and data to improve your revenue.
Connectivity partner: YieldPlanet
We are happy to work with YieldPlanet's Channel Manager, an extremely fast and precise distribution solution that allows hoteliers to synchronize data between their property and hundreds of OTAs (including eDreams ODIGEO Connect), GDSes and their own website.
eDreams ODIGEO Connect in WTM London 2019
We were in London for the WTM 2019, sharing knowledge of how the industry will look in the next five years.
New channel manager: Sistem Otel
We are very happy to announce that we have started a partnership with another connectivity provider, System Otel.
Promotions per market
Now you can customize the promotion to specific markets. Reach that audience you had a hard time getting!
Connectivity partner: Dingus
We are very happy to work with Dingus, one of the best 360 solutions on the market for tourism properties commercialization.
Connectivity partner: DHISCO
We are glad to be working with DHISCO, a RateGain Company, one of the world’s most comprehensive hospitality distribution companies.
Create Hotel Promotions
Hoteliers now have the possibility to create special offers to target specific segments of travellers.
Connectivity partner: Vertical Booking
Connectivity partner: Vertical booking eDreams ODIGEO Connect is fully integrated with Vertical Booking, a CRS (Central Reservation System) for Hotels and Chains: a platform to manage reservations on all channels, with special marketing tools to optimise revenue. The company develops and commercialises a CRS (Central Reservation System) on a global scale. The complete suite includes a […]
Connectivity partner: DerbySoft
We are delighted to work with DerbySoft, one of the leading providers of high-performance hotel distribution.
Now it’s time to reConnect
COVID-19: Hotelier reactivation guide
eDreams ODIGEO expands Prime subscription programme to include flight+hotel packages
The new Support Area is here
Check your availability at a glance
Connectivity partner: Amadeus Hospitality
COVID-19 safety measures for hotels
Connectivity partner: eZee